The current public discourse on identity has caused me to ask questions and to more thoroughly investigate identity.  How do I define myself?  How do others?  But why?  We have labels and tags which create separations by these definitions.  Are we not all the same humans?

Identity, like these paintings, is an artificial construct.  It is an overlay onto our person to categorize and prioritize one person/group from another.

Sometimes our identities are chosen for us; by our parents, community, country, or tribe.  Sometimes we choose our own identities.  Occasionally we will change identity by way of affiliation (profession, which team we support, religion we affiliate with); or by our appearance and the social (brand) characteristics we adhere to.

When we are younger, we have many possibilities of what our future identities could be.  As we get older, those choices narrow and our personage evolves or solidifies… 

identity changes over time…  

our perception of identity changes over time.

Jack Rosenberg

Remembering futures past. 113 x 89″. Oil on canvas. 2018