Classical Painting Atelier Fall 2014

Painting from the live model for 8 weeks. Fully instructed.

Saturdays 10am - 1pm Sept 22- Nov 3.


Copying Masters at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

A very special one-­‐time class, being offered to only 6 students (intermediate to
advanced), who may apply to take the following course: 

Learning from the Masters.  It’s a time-­‐honored tradition to copy a Master Painting.
Whether it’s a portrait by Rembrandt, a part of a masterpiece by Gentileschi, a color study of a Van Gogh, or a haunting copy of Velasquez.  Working from a reproduction will only take a student so far-­‐-­‐-­‐ to the perceived color and composition (even if it’s a very authentic repro).  But studying, copying from the actual painting, teaches us the hand of the masters:  brush-­‐ strokes, mark-­‐making, glazing, over-­‐painting, error-­‐corrections,  etc., etc.  The student (and we are all students, always) can see not only how a Master did a certain thing in a particular way, but also why.  As you copy the painting, you will follow the Master in problem solving and decision-­‐making.  There is no other way to be taught by the greatest painters of all time.
METTXTFully instructed and supervised, 6 sessions to paint at the Met.  Your choice of painting (subject to availability and Met rules…permanent collection only).    As you might imagine, it’s a thrill to be up close and personal with these
masterpieces.  And as well, the rules regarding this activity are very specific.  All of the arrangements  are taken care of; the course organized, admissions paid, and details arranged.  (Paintings can stay at the Met in a locker between sessions).
Further details are at my website:


Spring 2014 in Florence
The Art of the Self Portrait

Hosted at the Florence Academy of Art, this course will be in English and will teach classical painting methods, including the Sight-Size painting technique for those who are interested in this method. 

The class is offered for a full week: May 26- 30, 2014.  Tuition is $800. Capacity is strictly limited to 12 students. For additional information and registration, see the links below.  

Detailed Course Description

View a Selection of Artists Self Portrait Paintings

Materials List




EgyptianGreek and Roman

The Interior Landscape

We will be making a painting, or a series of paintings, incorporating elements of interiors and/or architectural elements.

Beginning our creative search for inspiration at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Tuesday Jan 29 at 10 am; we will wander the “rooms” and interiors of this magnificent building.  Using digital photos, and/or preparatory drawings, the artists will select a space that speaks to them artistically, and that they wish to further develop into a painting(s).  The interior/architectural elements may be supplemented by other objects/figures in the composition; this is up to each individual artist.  For those interested, we will have a lunch in the Members Dining Room following the excursion throughout the building. 

The Met is but one subject for inspiration, but because there are so many varied interior spaces, the selection is quite extensive.  Students are also welcome to use any other resource materials, photos, concepts that they may already have, or wish to use. 

Then returning to the studio at WAA, beginning Saturday Feb 2nd, the first phase will be to develop a completed drawing using proper proportions and perspective, shading and shadowing.  Next, we will transfer the finished drawing to canvas or panel for the final painting. Then over the course of the next weeks, bring the painting(s) to completion.

During weekly classes, in addition to working on the paintings, there will be lectures and demonstrations which will include:  atmospheric perspective, linear perspective, foreshortening, and one- two- and three-point perspectives.


7 sessions. (Including Tuesday Jan  29 at the Met).  Saturdays  9:30 am -12:30.  Limited to 10 students.
(Students are responsible for their own travel to and from the Met, and optional lunch costs). 





Old Masters & Traditional Painting Techniques Class


Materials List

The Art of the Self Portrait

Course Description

A Sampling of Self Portraits


Materials List

Link to Download (& Instructions) for Photoshop Grids Plug-In


Old World Meets New World: Digital Techniques for Oil Painters

Course Description


Materials List

Advanced Concepts & Techniques in Oil Painting

Course Description


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